Teach for Us

The Curriculum Committee is always working on our course schedule for future semesters. If you are interested and feel qualified to teach a course, please fill out the form below and return it. The Curriculum Committee meets every month to go over proposals. The course must be non-controversial in nature and must be of interest to senior citizens. If you could send in your finished course proposal by May 1st or December 1st, that would give us time to get it ready for the July or February printing.

If you have any questions, please contact me (Bev Ludden) at 621-3479 or beverly.ludden@maine.edu.

Click here for a course proposal form.

Below is a list of suggested topics:

Astrology; Astronomy, Intro;  Bird Identification; British Isles, History; Camera Lenses–Understanding; Comedy; Comedy on Film; Computer Connectivity; Computer Literacy; Basic Crafts; Culinary Arts & Vegetarian; Current Affairs; Digital Camera, Intermediate; Discussion Oriented Experiences; Elder Law; Environmental Conservation Topics; Evolution; Famous Artists; Fitness for Seniors; French; Genealogy; Geology II; Greek Gods/Goddesses/Myths; Hitchcock; History, Fort Knox, Civil War; History of War; I-Pod; Internet Basics; Investing; International Travel Tips; Joshua Chamberlain; Latin; Literature, Latin/Greek/American; Literary Giants, American; Maine Authors; Map Class; Metaphysics; Mindfulness Meditation; Mideast; Mountain Hiking, Small; Music Appreciation; Music, History; Nature Preserves; Nature Types; Novels; Oil Painting; Ottoman Empire; Philosophy; Phone, Choosing a; Photography, II & Nature; Poetry; Politics, National; Refinishing Furniture; Relief Carving; Religions; Rivers; Sculpting; Smart Devices; Social Media, Intro; Sports Classes for Seniors; Travel; Visits to the Ocean & Parks; Watercolors; World Heritage Sites; Yoga; Zumba